The Butterfly Trade Effect - Project Butterfly Trade

Imagine a butterfly touching down on a child's nose after dancing through a garden on a sunny day. The child beaming with joy lightens the hearts of those around him or her. It only took the natural instincts of the butterfly to land on the child's nose and wow a smile appeared.

Each one of us has natural instincts to want to help others. Be a butterfly and follow your instincts to trade your time and energy for a beautiful smile and happiness in the world. 

Some ideas include planting a garden in a public space, helping someone with their groceries, holding the door for a stranger, giving a mom with kids your umbrella during a rain storm, helping pay for someone's important surgery, or funding someone's college education. Please send in videos of your random acts of kindness and we will post them on our website, Facebook fan page, and YouTube channel if they are really awesome. 

Follow your instincts like a Butterfly and Trade something of value to you like your time, energy or money in order to spread smiles across the planet. This causes The Butterfly Trade Effect and smiles go viral. We put proceeds derived from clothing sales into igniting The Butterfly Trade Effect. Thank you for being a part of this movement to make the world a better place.

From our heart to yours, The Butterfly Trade Family 

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