Mums The Word Part I October 09, 2015 16:20 4 Comments

See the photo below of the aftermath. We found a dilapidated planter on the streets of New York City. At least 5 thousand people walk by the planter daily. Annualize that number and we are talking 1.8 million people walking by this planter. So we did the following:

1. Found out who was responsible for the planter and got their permission to plant it!

2. Convinced the nearby restaurant that does not own the planter to water the planter each morning

3. Convinced the nearby restaurant to be responsible for all of the trash on the sidewalk till the street

4. Spoke with the street vendors on both sides of the planter who are really thrilled about the planter

5. Planted the planters with mums and hosta (actually we did 3 planters!) for all to see and enjoy......

.....a video is in production of this project so standby for Part II.