5 Random Acts Of Kindness September 06, 2015 15:13 4 Comments

At Butterfly Trade we perform random acts of kindness often and inspire the Butterfly Tribe to do the same. Yesterday in New York City we went to work. Here are the top 5 random acts of kindness from yesterday. 


1. We randomly presented a lady flowers after she said she would like flowers. Boy did she smile when we actually bought her a  bouquet of flowers from the deli near by! 

2. We randomly helped a lady carry a huge and very heavy metal cart up multiple sets of subway stairs at the 68th and Lexington subway stop. She was so thankful!

3. We thanked 4 separate police officers in all including two in a car for serving and protecting, one traffic control officer with white gloves, whistle and all, and finally one officer who was writing parking tickets. 

4. We bought 3 beautiful hosta plants for a dilapidated planter that we will plant in the coming days. 

5. We complimented a cashier on her beautiful smile and she said we made her day. 

Each act of kindness no matter how small can make a difference in the world. We hope these efforts catch on and inspire you. Stand by for more acts soon!