Cecil The Lion August 05, 2015 22:44

We have been on an emotional roller coaster regarding Cecil The Lion. At first we were shocked he was killed, then sad, then angry, and now motivated. We created a shirt to remember Cecil and bring awareness of this heinous crime against a protected lion. Profits from the shirt will help fund the adoption of a lion by the World Wildlife Foundation. Click on this link to see our amazing design.

With Love, The Butterfly Trade Family

P.S. The Butterfly has landed once again!: On 8/11/15 We were able to make a donation representing more than all of the profits from the Cecil designs sold. Several random but nonetheless still very special customers will receive certificates, a picture of an adopted lion, and an email confirmation as well. Thank you to everyone for making this "Happening" take place and we think we all were able to make the world just a little bit better through this act of kindness. If you actually received an acknowledgement from the WWF, then please give a shout out in the comments so everyone can share in your experience.