One More Reason Why Boxers are Tougher than Steel - Sammie's Story May 17, 2016 03:00

When Sammie was found by an anonymous man in a near-dying state early last week, no one at a South Carolina rescue center where he was rushed to, thought he would survive. But here he is a few days later: conscious, awake, with stitches and casts, but awake and recovering.

When Sammie was found, he had more bruises than an average human being could handle. According to Paws & Claws Animal Clinic, he was found "with a gunshot wound to the head, broken bones, a crushed leg, several wounds on his body, and blue spray-painted fur." It is unfortunate no one has been arrested in connection to his attack, but Sammie is alive, and most importantly, recovering. He faces a few more surgeries,

While at the rescue center, Sammie has also, apparently, made a new friend. Another rescue, Simon, a border collie who is battling a skin problem of his own, is keeping Sammie company throughout his recovery meanwhile. "Inseparable" is what volunteers call them.

Once Sammie gets better, Paws & Claws is hopeful he will be adopted by a more loving home.

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