Prescription for Happiness :) May 17, 2016 13:44


We did some research and found that pets can do many things for Human health including:

1. Making your immune system stronger. Given all the hair and everything else pets bring into the house your body becomes acclimated to regular day to day stuff that you get exposed too. Have you ever heard of how honey can help your immune system and help allergies? This is because through the local honey you get a small bit of exposure and then you body adapts. It is very similar with the small exposures to the environment that your animals produce. 

2. Helping you become more fit. Obviously, if you have a pet you are bound to walk more and maybe even go for a run. Also bending down and getting low with your furry friend is always a good thing too! Even the act of petting and animal is healthy. 

3. Relaxing a person. I don't know about you but I think for most people this is certainly true. When you have a pet on your lap and you are hugging a pet you feel happier.  Kids with pets clearly have psychological advantages from being near their pets. 

4. Dating and being social. According to Bark Block, dogs help people with their dating and to be more social. It is proven that being social is definitely is healthy. People late in their lives that have social networks live longer. An animal acts as a friend much in the same way that a human acts as a friend and helps you live longer. 

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