Special Meanings on Native American Clothing May 17, 2016 03:00 2 Comments

The details on Native American clothing carry with it special meanings, which many Native American elders believe to come with luck and blessings. If you were gifted a vest, a jacket, a rug, or blanket containing some special Native American symbolism, it is also believed that the giver hopes to endow upon you the charm that is carried by its

Here are some of the most common Native American symbols and their meanings:

Thunderbirds on moccasins - sacred bearer of unlimited happiness

The thunderbird is one of the most iconic mythical creatures in Native American lore. It is believed that wearing the thunderbird on your clothing or shoes is a prayer for unlimited happiness. When gifted, it is the giver's wish that you receive unlimited prosperity and happiness.

Crossed paths - life's journey

It shouldn't be surprising to see the cross on Native American clothing. The cross, like the sun, moon, and stars, is a universal icon. Seeing the cross on Native American clothing should not be taken as a Christian symbol; instead, the cross for Native Americans means a fortunate crossing of paths, or a fruitful journey through life.

Man on horseback - a warrior

The wild horse and a mounted rider is yet another special symbol that can be found on Native American clothing, teepees, rugs, and shoes. In the past, it is believed this symbol was also present on the body of the warrior as a permanent tattoo. A man on horseback is one of the most popular symbols for a warrior, those who wore it belonged to the warrior class.

Teepee - Home

A longing for home is the meaning attributed to a teepee image on clothes or rugs. Instead of a wish, a teepee on clothing is a reminder to look back, regardless of how far you've gone, and to remember the family left at home.

Leaves and vine - tenderness and lightness, respectively

The leaf and vine decoration on clothes and shoes signify tenderness and lightness for the traveler, however, these two symbols have also been seen separately. Those who were constantly on the move were often seen with these symbols on their clothing.

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