5 Random Acts Of Kindness

September 06, 2015 4 Comments

At Butterfly Trade we perform random acts of kindness often and inspire the Butterfly Tribe to do the same. Yesterday in New York City we went to work. Here are the top 5 random acts of kindness from yesterday. 


1. We randomly presented a lady flowers after she said she would like flowers. Boy did she smile when we actually bought her a  bouquet of flowers from the deli near by! 

2. We randomly helped a lady carry a huge and very heavy metal cart up multiple sets of subway stairs at the 68th and Lexington subway stop. She was so thankful!

3. We thanked 4 separate police officers in all including two in a car for serving and protecting, one traffic control officer with white gloves, whistle and all, and finally one officer who was writing parking tickets. 

4. We bought 3 beautiful hosta plants for a dilapidated planter that we will plant in the coming days. 

5. We complimented a cashier on her beautiful smile and she said we made her day. 

Each act of kindness no matter how small can make a difference in the world. We hope these efforts catch on and inspire you. Stand by for more acts soon!

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Tracy McPherson
Tracy McPherson

January 26, 2016

I don’t know If you have “I ❤️ My Rescue Pitt Bull & She ? Me Too”!!

Rhonda Shipley
Rhonda Shipley

September 21, 2015

I’m on disability and barely survive what little I get and would love so much to get the LPN or even nurse yoga pants for my daughter who is swimming in debt due to fighting a nasty divorce and getting away from her abusive husband and fighting to get custody of her 4 year old. We also just suffered through the 7 year anniversary of her twin brother who was killed by his girlfriend. She works so darn hard and this would definitely make her smile again. Thank you for listening with your eyes. I like your native American yoga pants for me too but my daughter is most important. Thanks again for all you do. I love helping people too. I was raised(Its better to give than to receive).


September 16, 2015

I have several ideas to put on items. “Ive been rescued by my canine.”“Big dog mom”,“overly loved not spoiled” and so on. Ive helped two rescue groups get started and continue to help any four legged that needs me.. Thousands of animals and 30 yrs later i groom dogs that no one else will or has been abused by groomers. I groom from my home to reabilate them to get them groomed. Now i face my worse nightmare, looseing everything ived worked for,my own dogs,my house, my passion to continue grooming and rescueing animals mainly dogs now.my home barely exscaped the flood we had two years ago. Just cant seem to get my feet back on the ground. They are telling me to get caught up on house payments or else, city wants to turn my water off along with the gas and electric. My dogs need there five in one shots but current on rabies cant afford it but know how to give shots if i had four of them.shots are no.1 above the rest i need. Please help mecontinue to care for others. Im usually on the other side helping others. Hard to ask for help. My dogs even donated blood to save other dogs lives. Thankyou for caring!

Butterfly Trade
Butterfly Trade

September 06, 2015

Thanks for the idea Melissa. We are taking care of that for you although it will take a few weeks for our design team to make something very special for you. Just type in the search bar a key word for any designs to see if we have them yet. Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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