Daisies For A Nurse!

July 15, 2015 3 Comments

We discovered a special person to make smile with a  "Kindness Happening." This nurse in Ohio works very hard helping others every day. So we decided to send her two dozen colorful daisies to acknowledge her service to her community and those in need. In spirit these flowers are for all nurses and people who help others. Thank you from the Butterfly Trade family. We sent them today. She should get them Friday and we can see what happens then. 

Please share your act of kindness in the blog so we can inspire one another to perform these acts!..............

Editing this a on 7/20/15 the Monday after we sent the flowers....The aftermath? - see comments by the recipient to see what happened!

See flowers attached. 

3 Responses

Tracy McPherson
Tracy McPherson

January 26, 2016

Just wanted to say what a beautiful story this Is. Always great to hear good story’s to make you happy before going to bed.. Thank you for this.. Truly Tracy McPherson

Butterfly Trade
Butterfly Trade

July 20, 2015

Tami, We are so happy you received them! Thank you for paying if forward and passing on the kindness and love that makes other people smile. 1 smile can turn into 2 which can turn into 4 and then 8…….We hope to continue spreading happiness together with you Tami. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. – Butterfly Trade

tami winne
tami winne

July 19, 2015

Hi there I just wanted to say I did receive the flowers and they are beautiful!!!! It took a while to figure out where they came from, but I finally did. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. My husband and I had just gotten married the weekend before, we also have two children of our own and have had permanent custody of two of my nephews. Things haven’t been easy for us but our children all four are happy and that all that counts. I wanted to keep o. The tradition of payi g it forward so during our weekend honeymoon we paid for the dinner of an elderly couple sitting near us anonymously. It felt wonderful!!!! Again thank you so much it truely brightened my heart!!!!

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