Christina's New 'Do Paints Hillary's Fundraiser Red June 09, 2016 14:30

Since it's summer, expect your favorite celebrities to step out with something that screams beach, white sand, pina coladas by the pool, and a Caribbean escapade.

But not Christina Aguilera. She's a rebel.

Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera said goodbye to her blonde look last Monday and said hello to her Jessica Rabbit-esque hairstyle that came in fiery auburn. This girl is on fire!

It's hard to tell whether the Genie in a Bottle singer will keep her new hairstyle. Last month, she debuted purple locks, but switched to platinum blonde shortly after. Maybe she felt purple isn't her color, but auburn? Auburn definitely is!

The 35-year old singer wowed attendees to Hillary Clinton's "She's With Us" fundraising event held in LA as she stepped onstage with her new, vintage, side-parted curls. With her new hairstyle plus her stylish tuxedo and sparkly black legging-combo, Aguilera looked glamorous.

If there's anything we can learn from Aguilera's new hairstyle, it's that summer is the best time to try daring hair colors. Talk to your favorite hairstylist for some advice before you try lavender, pink, blonde, or any other summertime colors!